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The project is implemented with funds from the European Union within the framework of

Intelligent Development Operational Program for 2014-2020

Measure 2.3 Pro-innovative Services for Enterprises,

Sub-measure 2.3.1 Pro-innovative BEI services for SMEs

Project title:

Purchase of pro-innovative services resulting in the implementation of an innovative product for shredding plastic tape waste

Project description:

The project assumes a number of pro-innovation services that are necessary and contribute to the implementation of product innovation in the company. The planned result of the project is the creation of an innovative machine for shredding plastic tape waste. Thanks to its features, the product is both time-saving and ecological.

Project goals:

The aim of the project is to have expert knowledge necessary to start the implementation of an innovative product. Additionally, as a result of the project implementation, an organizational innovation will be implemented, resulting in the reorganization of the applicant's team and the creation of a new serial production cannon. This will happen, inter alia, thanks to: enlarging the laboratory and office space, gaining access to expert knowledge.

Project value:  PLN 164,082.00
Co-financing value:
  PLN 93,380.00

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