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About us

Once someone wise said:
      "Think about what you like to do in life, then start doing it." This is how the ATM company was created by enthusiasts of mechanics and automation. The impulse for the establishment of the company was the appearance of a foreign investor who, apart from capital, brought to the company his many years of business experience and modern organizational standards.
       In recent years, we have gathered a lot of experience designing devices that are still serially produced. We also made projects of complex machines for companies from the very demanding automotive industry.  These experiences allow us to offer our clients high quality of performed orders.
       Currently, we are turning our passion and experience into a professional one  customer relations  and the satisfaction of contractors on time  completed orders.



Mission of the company:


      The company's mission is to provide reliable machinery and equipment  they will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of production companies, and additionally they will allow  our customers can boast about an effective machine park before  customers.
     We believe the machine by applying the latest solutions  technology may be more reliable and easier to use, but  its appearance is also very important. That is why customers appreciate the interesting design of our projects.
        Our experience shows that in cooperation with contractors very much  what is important is a high level of mutual relations and timely implementation  orders. For this reason, we consider these elements of cooperation as  key.
      Our highest goal is to exceed customer expectations because  we want our contractors to recommend us to other companies.





Who we work with:




     We value experience when choosing associates. The constructor cannot  be a novice  electrician or  the mechanic can't get the first machine  assemble for our client. For this reason, our production is based on  employees of  experience in machine building. Experienced  mechanics and electricians  and an automation engineer with many implementations  guarantee efficient execution of orders.
       In realization of demanding tasks we use support of the Silesian University of Technology.



Co o nas piszą:
What they write about us:
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2024-03 List Nominacyjny Ambasador Innowacyjności.jpg

In 2024, ATM was nominated for the prestigious title of "INNOVATION AMBASSADOR". We are glad that our daily effort put into the development of innovation in Poland has been noticed, and through this nomination it has gained the appropriate rank.

We care about the natural environment

In many respects, we care about the natural environment. Our fleet consists of new cars  meeting the highest EURO 6 emission standards. Using high-quality SHELL and BP fuels, we have been awarded the Clean Advanage Clean Fleet title.


We participate in the program

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Company founders:
Krzysztof Siłuch


Mari Alhamoud


Constructor with many years  experience in the designing of machines and devices. The author of the designs of devices still produced in series  and  registered utility models. Enthusiast  mechanics and automation.  


Businessman  leader  from  a dozen or so  years of thriving enterprises based on  modern organizational solutions.


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