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Partners for cooperation  we choose very carefully.

The smallest cog - if there is one  defective  - may cause a malfunction. That's why we use  only from high  the quality of the components  and suppliers recognized on the machinery market.

The Science and Technology Park "Technopark Gliwice" is a modern academic business support center. The main activity of the Park is the creation and promotion of innovative and modern technology companies, as well as the transfer of innovative technologies from the Silesian University of Technology and research and development units to the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Locksmithing company  Józef Niemiec exists  on the market since 1979. Over the years, we have developed high quality and timely services. Throughout the entire period of our existence, we have been developing by investing in more and more modern machinery  and technologies.

We are one of the world's largest manufacturers of industrial automation components with a global reach.

The company has a total of over 2,500 employees in 25 countries and representative offices in another 60.  


As the world's leading supplier of sensors, measurement systems, laser markers, microscopes and vision systems, KEYENCE is a leader in industrial automation. We are committed to developing innovative and reliable products to meet the needs of our customers in every manufacturing industry.

The company was founded in 2007 as part of the Park  Scientific and Technological "Technopark Gliwice".

By using advanced software supporting the design process, we define weak ones already at the design stage  places  construction  and  her  characteristics  kinematic  and dynamic.  We have the appropriate knowledge and software to carry out the projects entrusted to us in a professional manner.

Pioneering spirit, know-how, reliable advice and personal contact have made us a competent and competent  a reliable partner for the domestic industry. Innovation and diversity characterize our product offer.

Siemens provides the world with the solutions it needs to meet the challenges of demographic change, urbanization, climate change and globalization. With our wide range of state-of-the-art technological solutions, we occupy a strong position in the entire business area  with electrification.

Our goal is to ensure the safety and reliability of devices used all over the world, regardless of the operating personnel. That is why we constantly invest in the development of new products for electrical engineering and automation. At the same time, we are creating new branches of the company around the world to enable customers in every corner of the world to take advantage of the WAGO offer.

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