Production lines 

Manual assembly or  automated production - in any case, we can help speed up and optimize the process.

We carry out projects including assembly and commissioning of complete lines  based on individual customer needs. 

Production machines

We build special devices that implement unique processes. We use different  types of sensors and measuring systems. Measurements of distance, temperature, flow, distance or vision control are not a problem. Devices  they can  communicate with the company  IT system.

Assembly stations 
Measurement stations

We make simple tables  for manual assembly, as well as complex stations with control of each stage, code scanners and TRACEABILITY functions. We will adjust the position to the individual needs of the client.   


We build specialized measuring stations for both production and teaching purposes. Measurement results can be displayed on an ongoing basis, collected or sent to external IT systems.

In serial production:

Device for shredding straps into 10mm long pieces. The machine cuts PP and PET strips 10-25mm wide and 0.5-2mm thick. Cutting is possible  several strips at once. A rack with rollers makes it easy  moving the device. There is a space for scraps below the head.

Weight: 45 kg

Dimensions (W x D x H): 799 x 799 x 1200

Power supply: 3 x 400VAC or 1x 230VAC 1.5kW

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